Piano Lessons

No other musical instrument expands as broadly into the essence of music as does the piano. Melody, harmony, bass, and rhythm reside right beneath your fingertips in black and white (literally). It’s no wonder the piano has been such an inspirational tool for musical composition and performance for so many over the years. We encourage anyone from 6 years old and up to learn to play the piano. Though our piano teachers are qualified to teach all musical styles and extensive levels of theory and technique, their number one goal is for their students to have fun and enjoy a lifetime of musical expression and creativity, whether it be playing or composing simple songs, playing in a band, or pursuing music as a career.

Our piano lessons are available at various times throughout the day and week, so please give us a call with any questions you may have. We would love to share our passion for music with you!

Call 206-364-8815 (North Seattle), or 206-763-9700 (Georgetown)

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