Guitar Lessons

Do you want to learn to play guitar? Since 1990 we’ve offered guitar lessons with some of Seattle’s most experienced and passionate guitar teachers. From blues to rock and jazz, or just to learn basic sing-a-long songs we can cover it all! Guitar lessons are available for students of all levels and ages even as young as six years old! We would be happy to help determine and locate the right size guitar (there are small scale guitars made specifically for small fingers) for your budding guitar prodigy.

While our teachers are certainly capable of delivering the absolute highest standards of technique, theory, and improvisation, the most important components our teachers bring to their guitar lessons are inspiration and fun! Our students’ personal fulfillment and enjoyment of a lifetime of musical expression and creativity is our truest success. To find out specific information about our guitar teachers click here.

Call 206-364-8815 (North Seattle), or 206-763-9700 (Georgetown)

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