Ensembles & Workshops

Seattle Drum School hosts a variety of ensembles and workshops geared towards educating students in a group situation. These classes focus on structured rhythm section skills as well as instrumental improvisation.

Group sessions help to develop the musicians’ awareness and sensitivity to their musical environment while continuing to strengthen fundamental performance skills.

Elementary Music Class

45 min class on Thursday mornings at 10a. Please call ahead to ensure class is occuring; summer schedule is inconsistent. (206.364.8815)

Preregister at $12.50/class, or drop in at $15/class.

Both classes will accept ‘focused’ three year olds; but are geared more for a four to five year old audience. Please contact the instructor if you have questions.

Every class follows a play/write/play format. So students are learning music literacy from the very beginning!

Parents/caretakers must be present and involved in discipline/classroom management.

One more thing: drums are loud… Please bring earmuffs/headphones.

Recording Workshop

Learn the basics of modern recording engineering with an emphasis on hands on experience! Course consists of six 2 1/2 hour weekly sessions in the L.A.B.

For more information please contact us at:
By Email: info@seattledrumschool.com
By Phone: (206)364-8815

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