Contemporary Band for Wind & Rhythm Instruments

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The purpose of SDS ‘Contemporary Band’ is to provide instruction in the fundamentals of music performance, repertoire, pedagogy, creation, and production. Our curriculum is designed to be engaging, encouraging, collaborative, rewarding and fun. Students will take a hands on approach with the objective of establishing a well rounded understanding of music and its many forms. We will be exploring various styles of music such as contemporary Pop, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, World beat & Classical. In addition, the ensemble will have the opportunity to record and perform original and learned material. Although this program is geared primarily toward wind instruments [ i.e. : Brass & Woodwinds ] vocalists & rhythm instrumentalists are invited to enroll as well.

Minimum experience requirements : One year of experience with instrument 

Classes: Mondays, starting January 2018

Beginning – Intermediate : 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Intermediate – advanced : 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Core objectives

  • Learn fundamental music components [notes, staff, scales, chords, keys, etc] 
  • Learn conventional components of songs [ Verse, Chorus, Bridge, etc. ]
  • Explore standard ensemble practices as well as solo & improvisation techniques
  • Incorporate non conventional instrumentation according to various styles
  • Explore multiple styles [ Classical, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Electronica] 
  • Compose, record & perform group collaborative songs
  • Make use of various tools of music production and performance  [ i.e. : computers, microphones, P.A. system ]


Georgetown location in the “SLAB”                                                                                             1010 S. Bailey Seattle, WA 98108

Rates & Enrollment

$130.00 per month or $100 per month for SDS students currently enrolled in private lessons. Tuition is to be paid monthly in advance and is due by the 25th of the preceding month. Students can enroll at any time with tuition prorated through the end of the month.

Available Equipment and instruments on site :

Electric keyboards, guitars, basses, drum set, hand percussion, Marimba, Vibraphone, amplifiers, microphones, music stands, P.A. system 

Instrument rental info [rent to own]

Kennelly Keys :

Ted Brown :

Required Books

Standard of Excellence Book 1 – Beginners

Standard of Excellence Book 2 – Intermediate/Advanced

Exercises For Ensemble Drill

For more information and enrollment contact:

By Email:
By Phone: Georgetown 206-763-9700 or Lk City Wy. (206)-364-8815

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