DJ LouRawk

LouRawk is an eclectic mixture of new and old techniques that brings musicianship back to the turntables.

While most students were out & about, LouRawk spent alot of time indoors perfecting his craft; definitively establishing his presence behind the wheels of steel at an age where most people were still worrying about who their high school homecoming date would be.

Now, at 26, he is steadily making his mark in the Seattle DJ/turntablist community. As a born and bred musician, the walls of specific genres create no boundaries for LouRawk’s eclectic style. As a fervent believer of “loving everything about what you love” LouRawk’s taste satisfies anyone & everyone’s musical palette. Recently becoming the newest addition to the Fantasy League DJs squad, LouRawk is constantly finding new ways to evolve his craft. 

In the span of 10 years, LouRawk has received numerous awards and accolades for his work behind the wheels of steel. In 2013, he won his first major DJ competition as a last-minute entry into the RedBull Thre3style University DJ competition. Since then he’s performed with opening acts for high profile musical artists including Young Roddy, TY, Nipsey Hussle, Snow Tha Product and The Game. Most recently, LouRawk was crowned the champion of Aston Manor’s 2016 DJ Competition in February of this year.

The curriculum of his classes at the Seattle Drum School can best be described as spherical as opposed to linear; everyone has their own unique learning style, and LouRawk likes to cater to that understanding. You will be taught the fundamental knowledge and techniques necessary for you to gain an understanding of how to utilize the turntables as an instrument. From there, LouRawk will continue to help you evolve as a turntablist and establish your own style. While it should be known that these techniques cannot be taught in one session alone, there is not a set number of classes that must be taken in order to be a “DJ”. You are absolutely free to take as many classes as you need in order to gain confidence and experience behind the turntables.

Established students will also gain the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques if students show proficiency through the fundamentals. All classes are taught privately; you won’t be competing against a group of other students and will have LouRawk’s full undivided attention.

Classes are available every Tuesday – Thursday from 2pm – 8:30pm.

Jacob Lou Eiselstein

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