Ben Rud

Benjamin Rud is a drummer, educator, and audio engineer. He has been playing professionally since the age of 18. He studied performance at Cornish College, and completed the inaugural year of the Seattle Drum School’s One Year Certificate Programme.

Ben is currently part of Margaux’s Little Ploy, with Margaux Lesourd. You can hear them here!

Some of Ben’s students have gone on to tour nationally, attend Berklee College of Music, and/or be really awesome!

Ben’s students range in age(from 3 to 80), and span all skill levels – from total beginners to touring professionals.

Hand technique, efficiency of motion, and injury avoidance are specific areas of focus, building an excellent foundation to support a student’s creativity. The development of interdependance and a strong internal sense of time and feel is encouraged through exercises that tax the student’s focus and ability, and teach the student to teach themself!

Odd things Ben Finds Interesting:

Orff Schulwerk

Punk Rock!
Music business and promotion
Video games, webcomics and Kung Fu movies!

Ben is kind of a geek.

Places Ben has taught or presented:

The Pacific Science Center
Edmonds School District
Monroe School District
Sultan School District
Montlake Community Center
Seattle Drum School

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