Aaron Walters

Aaron Walters is a multi-instrumentalist and music instructor from Seattle, Washington. He has performed all over the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan as a member of the band Akimbo. Jello Biafra, a political activist, punk icon, record label owner and singer of the band Dead Kennedys once called Aaron “one of the most full blown, powerful, and interesting guitarists I’ve heard in recent years.” He endorses First Act guitars, Verellen Amplifiers, DR strings, and George L’s cables. Aaron currently performs and records with Seattle bands as a guitarist and drummer and contributes to recordings on violin, electric bass, percussion, and other instruments. He can be seen performing regularly with Sammy Witness and the Reassignment on guitar (featuring SDS instructor Colin McLaurin on drums) and with Stres on drum set/percussion. He also occasionally performs with is acoustic guitar as a singer/songwriter.

Aaron has always had a deep love and irrepressible curiosity for unfamiliar styles of music. He has studied with some of Seattle’s preeminent instructors of jazz and classical guitar. He also messes around with various ethnic string instruments such as the gu-zheng, erhu, dilruba, and sitar.

Aaron began his teaching career in 2005 and since then, he has been developing his approach and skills as an educator with every lesson he gives. With a teaching philosophy that combines equal parts discipline and silliness, he fosters an educational approach that makes discovering music fun and addictive. Students are taught to play the songs they want to learn, yet are also exposed to songs, genres, and musical ideas they may not have heard of before. Elements of music theory and technique are presented organically as they appear in the songs students are working on — not in a dry, intangible, academic manner. Each student is provided with a curriculum custom tailored to his/her interests, aspirations, learning style, abilities, etc.

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