GoFundMe Support Seattle Drum School

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For over 30 years, The Seattle Drum School of Music has been a force of good: nurturing creative energy and generating community spirit. Saying goodbye to the original North Seattle location brings an end to an amazing chapter of the history of this Seattle institution and invites a new chapter to begin at 12729 Lake City Way NE.

This warehouse is being converted to meet the needs of the 30+ instructors and 400+ families that call this branch of the Seattle Drum School of Music home. Steve and Kristy want to bring the unique charm of the 15th Ave NE location to the new school (with a few improvements like air conditioning and forced air heat).

Please help us cover the extraordinary costs of turning a warehouse into our new home, full of the character and charm that make our school what it is! And please help us buy the building so we never have to move again!

Your donation will contribute to:

  • $20,000 will offset the cost of adding air and heat to every classroom
  • An additional $40,000 will offset the cost of electrical to all rooms
  • $80,000 is the estimated Small Business Loan down payment

Total Goal: $140,000

The time to help is now as permits are just coming in and we have to be fully vacated from our current building by December 31st.

It’s not easy to be an independently owned and operated business in the arts. After thirty years we are determined as ever to continue our mission of spreading knowledge and compassion to all through music.

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