Bons Ritmos & Andrew Scott Potter Workshop August 19th

Bons Ritmos , Andrew Scott Potter, two time Billboard World Music charting artist for Bons Ritmos Edi Machado, and Jack Joao Potter, is a record company and production company based in Brazil and is celibrating thirty years , 15 cd releases, 2 DVDs , various youtubes and presentations touring Brazil and the USA, by doing a tour demonstrating Afro Bahian rhythms and dances and Ketu Candomble , from the CD, Jazz Standards / Afro Bahian Rhythms.

They will be at the Seattle Drum School / Georgetown on the 19 of August, doing a workshop demonstrating how these rhythms can be played on drum set and how they are the essence origins of many popular beats in the USA and especialy Brazil. Right after the workshop, they will do a folkloric presentaion of these rhythms and dances from Bahia Brazil.

$10 dolar donation at 8 pm at the Slab.

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