“An Excellent Drum Teacher”
I have been taking drum lessons with Andy Sells on and off since I was in eighth grade (age thirteen) and a
complete beginner Six years later I am currently nineteen, and while I am a much more confident drummer, I am still learning a lot. Not only is he a cool, friendly and easygoing guy, but he is an expert drummer. He can play any style extremely well, and to make it even better he can help teach you those different styles with ease. He pushes you but not in an aggressive way, he instead talks to you finds out where you’re at and makes you want to practice every single day and believe me he’ll know if you haven’t practiced. As someone who has been with him as both a beginning and an experienced musician I can confidently say he will find ways to challenge you, guide you and help improve your skills.

Alex Sanchez Stern

New to drumming and to WA, I discovered SDS on Groupon. Now my 8-yr old niece and I take weekly hand drumming lessons with our beloved teacher Larry. Ella plays the conga and I the doumbek. How can I describe the magic that ensues in each lesson? Witnessing Ella play a beat full through that’s twisted her hands and brain (and even made her cross-eyed a time or two) is like watching her take her very first baby steps all over again. It’s absolutely hold-your-breath EXHILARATING! Larry creates a teaching style in the moment to suit each student and proffers plenty of beginner drum wisdom along the way. Like a rhythm watches you…waiting for the moment after enough practice and sleep on it to grace you, flow through you. It also graces your brain and you hear yourself saying things like dum ka ta KA ta ka dum ka. Thank you SDS for giving these drummer girls their wings! One more thing! Your drum teacher will also be a performing artist. Seeing Larry perform live is a total thrill! I’ve never seen Ella’s eyes so big as when Larry came on stage in the bright lights at a church in downtown Seattle to play a Jethro Tull tribute. She was the youngest member of the audience by far and likely the most stoked!


My son, Bradon has been an Honored Student at the Seattle Drum School for almost 2 years. During this time he has had the privilege of taking private drum lessons from Brad Gibson.
Brad has the ability to challenge my son weekly with his lessons, while nurturing his interests. We started out with half hour lessons and eventually expanded to an hour. The hour gives my son the chance to work on his middle school band music and the opportunity for learning new techniques and jamming.
Brad has been a very patient and positive influence on my son’s musical experience. I highly recommend Brad as a music instructor and the Seattle Drum School as the destination for those who are really interested in learning music.

Marty Blackstone

“If you want your child to learn how to read, play and continually grow in music — and to have loads of fun while doing it — then you want Andy Sells as your teacher”
Andy has taught drums to our son in hundreds of weekly sessions for five years, since he was five years old. Andy’s patience and his ability to clearly convey the language of music in a way that keeps students of all ages engaged are truly remarkable. The reason our son is so dedicated to routinely practicing his drums among all his sports and other activities, the reason he has advanced so exponentially in his ability to read, comprehend and play advanced notes, beats and paces, is absolutely because of Andy’s approach.
Our son loves music. And it is because of Andy.
He has a unique ability to keep our son engaged to achieve more musically. He does it with a understated, steady approach that makes music a fun hobby rather than an assigned, do-I-have-to? task. He is a remarkably talented, versatile and advanced musician, writing songs for his own bands in which he performs locally and regionally. Yet for all his obvious, advanced talents and knowledge he has a knack for breaking down basic and complex patterns in a way that is easy for a grade-schooler — even a tone-deaf, musically illiterate parent — to understand.
Andy is quick-witted and always willing to share a laugh, yet in his teachings he is professional, business-like, firm and fair. He doesn’t let our son “skate” by with minimal effort, and he has been impressive in making sessions productive on days in which our boy may not be all that into it. Our son responds so positively to Andy’s teachings that he seems to have instilled a sense in not wanting to let Andy down. When it is time to work, our son responds to Andy’s well-structured lessons in a way that has him enthused about drums. In fact, it is solely because of his teacher that our son has enthusiastically participated in multiple concerts at the Seattle Drum School, performing with confidence and a huge smile alongside teenagers and even adults four or five times his age.
Andy is such an effective and enjoyable instructor, a few months ago we switched our son’s twin sister to him for her weekly lessons. Our daughter has also been taking lessons at the drum school for five years, and her learning and enjoyment of drums and of music in general have blossomed in these recent months with Andy teaching her.
We could go on and on about how great an instructor Andy is and how positively he has impacted our children’s learning and enjoyment of music. He is a teaching treasure. We are very fortunate and appreciative to have found him.

Gregg and Wendy Bell